7 Chairs

Create a spirit panel to help answer questions for Bariatric Surgery

Effective healthcare leadership incorporates seven qualities: (1) the ability to lead through change, (2) maintain one’s integrity, (3) foster teamwork and create a learning environment, (4) drive and accept innovation, (5) track the numbers, (6) create what I call my 7 chairs, (7) dream with your dream team.  Each of us needs to inspire and uplift our teams with a commitment to their professional growth and development. 

Let’s discuss “my 7 chairs”. 

My grandfather suggested creating a spirit panel because I was always asking him questions out of respect of his opinion.  He said, “I won’t be able to answer all of your question to the fullest extent, I can only give you opinion and advice.”  He told me that “with all the reading you do, take the characters spirit with you, create a spirit panel”.  I now call this my 7 chairs.  The individuals are from books that I’ve read over the years or influential people that I respect.  Their ability to think differently and of course not how I would, can be inspirational.

My 7 Chairs are filled today by:

  1. Jack Welch-Management and Growth of Company (from his book Winning)
  2. Dagny Taggert-Aggressive, Decisive, Fearless in Pursuit (From Atlas Shrugged)
  3. Thomas Jefferson- Entrepreneur and Visionary (autobiography of Thomas Jefferson)
  4. Guy Shipler-Work Ethic, Exceptional Morals, Exceptional Values
  5. Steve Jobs- Precision, the Details, Quality in Everything
  6. Michael Gerber- Don’t be the mechanic. Delegate and move through it (from the E-Myth)
  7. Heidi Loewinsohn-Compassion, put passion at the center, open new doors