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Cigna Healthcare Recognizes Fort Myers Weight Loss Surgeon

Dr. Moses K. Shieh of Surgical Healing Arts Center named “Cigna Care Designated Physician”

Weight Loss Management is becoming more important across the US, and the nation’s largest health insurance agencies are taking notice of the positive relief felt across the entire medical industry. Obesity is similar for both men and women in America, with one-third (35.7% percent) of adults considered to be obese and almost 3 in 4 men (74% percent) considered to be overweight or obese. Reuters states a reported $190 billion in annual national healthcare costs, which is closing in on smoking as Public Health Enemy #1. Local providers like Dr. Moses K. Shieh witnessed this trend over decades and founded the Surgical Healing Arts Center, and has recently received the “Cigna Care Designated Physician” award.

Surgical Healing Arts Center Weight Loss Surgery

Cigna Health, along with other global health insurance providers, has introduced additional services and procedures to battle obesity when completed by specially selected physicians. The “Cigna Care Designated Physician” award is not only an accolade for Surgical Healing Arts Center, but also provides access to less expensive health care options as Cigna plans pay more for procedures. Members of Cigna Health Care, with certain specific types of Cigna plans, will pay less out of pocket when choosing Dr. Shieh for their procedure.  Everything from expensive procedures to lower co-pays make using any physician with this award worth visiting. Locally, this is a great opportunity for patients in need of weight management, as this designated discount is not available from other surgeons in the surrounding regions. Weight management  is increasingly important for those who are facing serious health conditions in relation to their weight, including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Colon Cancer, Acid Reflux, Sleep Apnea, and other significant health complications.

Dr. Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS

“With new found success, numerous patients have told me, ‘I should’ve done this sooner…’” responded Dr. Shieh. “Our patient’s’ reaction to success reminds me of the famous Einstein quote, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.’ If the patient has exhausted all measures of diet and exercising and has been unsuccessful in keeping the weight off, then it’s time to approach it through Weight Loss Surgery or Weight Management Procedures.”

With a philosophy based on helping people change their lives, it’s no surprise that Dr. Shieh’s Surgical Healing Arts Center was selected by Cigna to be one of the only preferred physicians in Southwest Florida. The “Cigna Care Designated Physician” is not an award received easily either. Dr. Shieh, his team, and his facility have succeeded in dozens of demanding tests that no ordinary surgery center has.  Outstanding patient care is one of the most important factors in receiving this award, and Dr. Shieh’s patients are receiving long-term success from their weight management surgery. Weight loss surgery, whether extensive or non-invasive, is a long term process, even though procedures like the Orbera Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Surgery only take 7-10 minutes.

Effective surgery requires effective recovery, and Dr. Shieh’s team provides a comprehensive program from pre-screening through postoperative care, support group and dietary assistance. From the superlative cleanliness and organization of the surgical team through the “Snack SHAC” (SHAC is short for Surgical Healing Arts Center) where patients choose from an array of healthy snacks, Surgical Healing Arts is committed to its patients’ success.  The additional highlight of weight loss surgery at the Surgical Healing Arts Center is the care provided after the surgery to make sure the patients stay on track with diet and exercise that will increase the ability for their procedure to have a life-changing effect on them.


Bariatric surgery is now safer,  less painful and faster than ever before. Patients are up and walking just two hours after the surgery is completed.” Dr. Rishi Ramlogan, another renowned Bariatric Surgeon at Surgical Healing Arts Center replied. “The underlying challenge with weight loss is not the ability to lose weight but the ability to sustain the weight-loss over a long period of time. For many patients, Bariatric surgery makes this elusive goal a reality.”

With the growth in obesity and related illnesses like diabetes, Bariatric Procedures such as Gastric Bypass, or non-invasive surgeries like the Orbera Weight Management Balloon, are becoming the #1 source of weight loss success. Now that the Surgical Healing Arts Center  is expanding their services as well as their quality of surgeons and staff, more global providers like Cigna will be providing incentives for Dr. Shieh and his team to hand the benefit of savings and extended care directly to their patients.

Surgical Healing Arts Center Staff Photo

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