Dr. Rishi Ramlogan, M.D.

Dr. Rishi Ramlogan Featured in the IPALC Newsletter

Surgical Healing Arts Center is Recognized by Lee County Physicians

This holiday season, the Independent Physicians Association of Lee County (IPALC) acknowledged the great contribution of Dr. Rishi Ramlogan to the medical fraternity. IPALC was formed by a group of physicians who came together with the aim of maintaining high standards of medical care in the greater southwest Florida. The association is also a source of credible information for physicians in areas like Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and other surrounding areas. The IPALC monthly newsletter is one of the channels used to spread medical-related news, reports, and features. This is in line with the association’s mission to disseminate information relating to health care issues in nearby localities.

The newsletter has a ‘Member Spotlight’ segment and the December/January issue features our very own Managing director Dr. Rishi Ramlogan. His qualifications as a General and Bariatric surgeon have been highlighted as well as his special areas of interest which include Gastric Banding, Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass, and hernia surgery among several others.

The MD of Surgical Healing Arts Center has a rich history and the newsletter highlights a couple of milestones in his life such as his formative life in Trinidad and Tobago where he was born and raised. Dr. Ramlogan’s academic achievements cannot be downplayed and the spotlight feature recognizes his medical training beginning with his medical degree which was attained at the University of the West Indies. Also included was his internship and eventual residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine program in Manhattan. IPALC further acknowledges the efforts of Dr. Ramlogan in attaining excellence in the field of General and Bariatric surgery by highlighting his American Board of Surgery (ABS) certification.

One of the missions of IPALC is to serve as an advocate for independent physicians. Dr. Ramlogan has demonstrated this by supporting like-minded individuals as a way of improving the standards of medical services in southwest Florida. The MD heads a competent team at Surgical Healing Arts Center that understands all the challenges that are faced by people who wish to lose weight through assistive surgery. The team that Dr. Ramlogan heads includes experienced surgeons such as Dr. Moses K. Shieh whose primary specialty is Bariatric surgery. Shieh’s qualification is validated by the American Board of Cosmetics where he is certified. He did his residency at Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center which is affiliated with the Michigan State University. Shieh’s passion in his field is evident in his choice of fellowship program which was Bariatric weight loss surgery.

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