Florida’s Top Provider of Orbera Stomach Balloon

Florida’s Top Provider of Orbera Stomach Balloon

Surgical Healing Arts Center becomes #1 Provider of Orbera’s Stomach Balloon Weight Management Procedure in Florida

If you have a need for serious weight loss, but never thought about actually going through with Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, you now have another option thanks to Dr. Shieh at Surgical Healing Arts Center. The latest development in the battle against obesity is the Orbera Stomach Balloon, which is the first temporary procedure for Weight Management. The Orbera Balloon has had tremendous success for those needing assistance with weight loss, and Surgical Healing Arts Center has become the #1 provider in the state of Florida.

Florida’s Top Provider of Orbera Stomach Balloon

Dieting and Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but the population of the US is losing the fight to keep weight off. As Labor Day 2016 Weekend ends in Southwest Florida, many who seek to lose weight struggled not to overindulge. Today, each American puts away an average of 195 lbs of meat every year, compared to just 138 lbs in the 1950’s. Consumption of added fats also rose by approximately two thirds over the same period, and grain consumption rose 45% since 1970. The culture of food in America has lead to many health related issues, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart conditions. Historically, these health problems were hard to solve on diet and exercise alone. The FDA continues to push for solutions in order to alleviate a burdened health care industry plagued with the obesity epidemic and associated costs. When the FDA approved the Orbera Stomach Balloon in the US, the procedure had already been completed 400,000 times worldwide with an extremely high success rate.

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“Whether your goal is to lose 20-lbs to 200-lbs, Surgical Healing Arts knows how to get you there.” responded Dr. Moses Shieh of Surgical Healing Arts Center. “We are the experts of weight loss across Florida, and we have the latest weight loss tools at our disposal.”

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Orbera’s Intragastric Balloon is designed to help you lose weight without altering your body. Made of soft, smooth silicone rubber, the revolutionary diet balloon’s walls are reinforced to stay intact while in the stomach. The 7 minute procedure requires no surgery, as the empty balloon is passed through the mouth into the stomach without any invasive incisions, leaving no scarring, or trace that the balloon was in prior. Everyone’s stomach is different, so the balloon is filled per 

each person’s unique body shape, and floats in the stomach. This results in the stomach being fuller, helping patients curb their eating habits as they begin their new lifestyle.

Orbera Stomach Balloon is slated to become the go-to option for those looking to lose anywhere between 20- 100+ pounds, and helps bridge the gap between those who are overweight but are not considered obese enough for bariatric surgery to be covered under insurance. The healthy habits formed by the Orbera Balloon are instilled through less eating, more activity, and positive feelings about a future where being overweight is only a memory. After 6

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months, the balloon is removed, and the beneficial habits that were formed by the balloon are maintained with a new sense of health and self.

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Not only is the Orbera balloon the future of weight loss surgery, but Surgical Healing Arts Center is working to make the procedure increasingly affordable for patients. By using HSA / FSA Benefits, patients can save more than one-third of the cost of the procedure. Utilizing a 401k for an interest free loan to pay for the surgery out of pocket is another process in which Surgical Healing Arts guides their patients so that those in need don’t have to wait or wonder if

they will be able to receive treatment. Apollo, the creator of the balloon, works with Dr. Shieh and his staff directly on a constant basis in order to work on furthering the progress on making this procedure available and affordable for all.

Anyone dealing with weight issues in Florida now has a chance to work with Dr. Shieh and this ground breaking procedure in order to lose weight and keep it off for life. There are dozens of south Florida residents who refer to Dr. Shieh as the best doctor they have ever seen on his Vitals.com profile. Surgical Healing Arts is also a preferred surgery center, as it holds a AAAASF certification, was awarded the Cigna Cares designation, and maintains a team for 4 top rated bariatric surgeons. Living in paradise is only as great as the lifestyle. Those who are overweight now have the chance to redeem their former selves and enhance their future health and well being.

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