Orbera™ Weight-loss Balloon is Helping SWFL to Deflate the Weight!

Patients are continuing to look for creative ways to lose weight. We all know that diet and exercise are proven tools for an often slow and steady weight-loss. However, SWFL is being introduced to a non-surgical procedure that helps patients lose weight 3 times faster than with diet and exercise alone. The Orbera™ weight loss balloon has been used in over 220,000 patients internationally. It was FDA approved last August and has continued to gain interest


in the SWFL population. Because it’s a temporary procedure, lasting only 6 months and because there is no cutting involved it has peaked the interest of a population that may not have been interested in some of the other more permanent solutions. Now there is an option to lose 20 – 60 pounds while learning proper portion control and also while learning how to exercise appropriately. It sounds like the Orbera™ weight loss balloon is here to stay. Take a look at what ABC news has to say about this procedure. If you’re interested in learning more about the Orbera™ balloon, please call us today at 239-344-9786 to schedule your FREE consultation or to sign up for one of our seminars!

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Dr. Moses K. Shieh
Dr. Moses Shieh is experienced in several major weight loss surgical procedures, helping patients in the Naples Fort Myers, Florida area to choose the best option for their needs. Dr. Shieh is also trained in cosmetic surgery and offers post weight loss body contouring. Dr. Shieh's practice is located in Fort Myers Florida at the Surgical Healing Arts Center.