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Many people suffer from obesity—significant excess total body fat due to diet, metabolism and exercise imbalances. It’s a chronic disease that afflicts more than 60 million Americans. That’s why more and more people are turning to medical methods like weight-loss surgery, also called obesity surgery or bariatric surgery.

Obesity puts you at risk of Type 2 diabetes and asthma. Studies show it can damage your health more than smoking or alcohol abuse. In fact, it also makes you prone to coronary artery disease, cancer, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, urinary and reproductive difficulties, musculoskeletal deterioration and skin disorders.

Fortunately, there is effective medical treatment. If you have been unable to achieve significant and lasting weight loss through traditional methods of diet and exercise, you may want to consider a bariatric procedure at Surgical Healing Arts Center such as:

Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Obalon™ Balloon

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Weight loss surgery is not a cure-all. In fact, even patients who’ve had a procedure elsewhere seek help by signing up for revisional (corrective) surgery and follow-up care.  For your new direction in life, you need a positive attitude, self-discipline and support from friends and loved ones. Count on your team at Surgical Healing Arts Center in the Naples-Fort Myers, Florida area to help you reach and remain at your healthiest weight.

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  • Obalon is recommended for those with a BMI of 30-40.
  • Disclaimer: Completing a seminar does not automatically qualify you for surgery. A full evaluation will be made at your first medical appointment. Prior to enrolling in the program, your insurance provider must be verified, as not all providers include bariatric surgery as a policy benefit. If this is not your first bariatric surgery, please complete the form here before registering for our online seminar.
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