Your Medical Team Will Keep You Moving!

When you hear the word “exercise,” you may think of weights, treadmills, and gyms, however, while working out is important, you should start equating “exercise” with “being active.” Activity, even just stretching and walking, is important. Right after surgery, it will help prevent blood clots that can form in your legs from being too sedentary.

Although, hopefully you’ll be inspired to elevate your activity-such as with an aerobic and weight training program-being more active than before will happen with time. After you are healed from surgery, exercise will be critical to maintain muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness.
Ongoing Support For You

Your medical team is here to help you find an exercise activity that fits your physical and lifestyle needs, so you can keep enjoying the new, healthier you!

To maximize results and wellness, new patients have a pre-operative evaluation with our Personal Results Coach and one post-op visit to develop a fitness plan that helps them meet their goals. Additional training with our exercise specialist can also be arranged.
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