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You want your health and happiness to last the rest of your life.  So it’s important that you follow all the guidelines and recommendations carefully that you’ll find in our Bariatric Surgery Guide, a booklet all patients receive.

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You’ll need to take protein supplements as well as mineral supplements and multivitamins to maintain proper, balanced nutrition every day for life.  Your weight loss clinic carries Bariatric Fusion and Bariatric Advantage vitamins right here, on-site, but you may choose any brand formulated for bariatric patients.  In addition, Bariatric Fusion and Bariatric Advantage offers a variety of flavors that contain all the vitamins and calcium a bariatric patient needs.

Remember, your stomach pouch will only hold about one ounce, or two tablespoons after surgery.  Within six months, it will expand to hold eight ounces—or one cup. Long term, the size of your “mini stomach” is likely to be eight to 12 ounces. This limits the amount of food that you can eat at one time.  You will learn to eat only until you feel full, then stop.  Your appetite for once-favorite foods may change and over a period of weeks, you’ll shift from a liquid diet to a low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein food plan.

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