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Surgical Healing Arts 2016 In Review

Season’s Greetings to all our SHAC Patients!
As 2016 ends, we must reflect on the past year, its challenges and its transformations. We have met so many wonderful people through our office. Rock stars have emerged, medications have gone to the way side and there have been so many pounds lost we can’t keep count! Your success is our success and we are here to support you all the way. Here is a recap of the changes from 2016 and new endeavors for 2017!
Surgical Healing Arts Center Team

*Staff has DOUBLED!! In 2016 we welcomed:

  • Rishi Ramlogan, General and Bariatric Surgeon
  • Jill Tanner, Nurse Practitioner
  • Sherry Taylor, Registered Nurse and Director of our Marshall Surgery Center
  • Stephanie Talavera, Pathway Manager
  • Rebecca Goff, Practice Development and 5-year Sleeve patient
  • Tiffany Kinney, Medical Assistant and Nursing Student
  • Giovanni Santiago, Medical Assistant EMT
Dr. Rishi Ramlogan
Rebecca Goff
Rebecca Goff

We celebrated anniversary milestones for:

  • Moses Shieh, founder & Medial Director = 6 years
  • Kelsey Vest, Practice Manager = 6 years
  • Adam Phillips, General & Minimally Invasive Surgereon = joined 2017
  • Katiana DeLemos, Medical Assistant = 2 years
  • Juan Ibarra, First Surgical Assistant and Bariatric Surgeon in Venezuela = 1 year
  • Rosa Escobedo, Medical Assistant = 1 year
  • Steven Shipler, Chief Financial Officer = joined in 2016
  • Heidi Boetsch-Loewinsohn, Practice Ambassador and Intragastric Balloon Therapy = joined in 2016
Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS
Dr. Moses K. Shieh
Kelsey Vest
Kelsey Vest
Dr. Adam Phillips
Adam Phillips, D.O.
Dr. Juan Ibarra
Juan Ibarra

***We now have an AAAASF Surgery Center on site. Our Marshall Surgery Center allows us to perform the following procedures: Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Body Contouring, and more in house procedures for patient ease and savings.

AASF Accredited

Our 2017 is looking bright with more opportunities for patient care. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Obalon Balloon for Weight Loss: We are proud to be the first practice in FL placing this new generation of weight loss balloon. It is a 3-balloon system to create a sensation of fullness while adding a diet and exercise routine. The goal is to help kick-start healthy habits while losing weight for permanent weight loss. The balloons are placed without anesthesia as the “pill” is swallowed in our office. This procedure is not covered by insurance or available for previous gastric surgical patients. We are offering limited introductory pricing, please call Heidi at 239.850.9322 for questions. Here is a link to our own Dr. Shieh discussing this new weight loss tool: click here
Obalon Logo
  • Team SHAC Attack has joined the Lee Health Million Mile Movement, beginning January 9th through March 31. EVERY step you take can be logged in on this website: under Team SHAC Attack, to track our practice movement. Here is link to learn more about it and we hope you will join our team and track your weekly miles:  click here
Healthy Lee Million Mile Movement
  • Facial rejuvenation through injectables: SHAC is proud to announce the ability to assist with facial changes associated with weight loss through a program under Medical Director Jill Tanner ARNP. We can assist with minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and adding a fullness to areas that may have lost their elasticity or contour. We will be using Dysport, Restylane, Restylane Silk and Restylane Lift. Please contact our aesthetics department at 239.344.9786 for further information and pricing.
Aesthetic Injectables
  • Vanquish ME Machine: This is a fat-reducing series of treatments to help in those difficult areas IE: “love handles”. It uses radio frequency waves and heat to permanently kill the fat cells without touching your skin. A treatment series is one hour per week, four weeks in a row. Hydration prior to and after will help flush out the dead fat cells. If you are interested, please call Rebecca at 239.322.4199 for questions and pricing. Here is a link comparing this machine to a well-known version Cool Sculpt: click here
Vanquish Liposuction Alternative
  • Group Wellness Initiatives: Team SHAC Attack began back in November with the Turkey Trot. We realized it was such a wonderful experience, we vowed to organize 7-8 events per year to increase and encourage our patients to embrace the physical wellness after procedures. We all know the weight loss journey consists of multiple life style changes. Too often we don’t include or find time for the exercise/physical aspect. This is another avenue to try it, encourage, and join the wellness movement. With participants at every level, from walkers to runners, there is a place for everyone to find a partner for encouragement and accomplishment at the event. We will frequently post on our Facebook page for Surgical Healing Arts, our closed group on Facebook SHAC on Track (if not a member please submit your profile for approval), and emails.
Finish Line
  • Bari-Gym: a private, off-site gym, run by a Fitness Professional, ONLY for SHAC patients. It will provide all levels of fitness, in a comfortable yet challenging environment to encourage you to find the best version of you through exercise before and after your procedures. This idea is in its concept phase. If you would be interested and would consider this option for adding physical fitness into your weekly routine, please share your thoughts at or contact our fitness department at 239.322.4199.

  • Fitness Professional: SHAC is taking a more active approach to integrate physical fitness prior to and after surgery. Regardless of the procedure, a life style change is required to keep the weight off. We recognize this is an area patients may be intimidated by for many reasons. We have established a relationship with Craig Norling, a fitness professional who has researched and understands the bariatric journey. If you are interested in speaking with him, please call 239-344-9786. He has many options to help you!

The Surgical Healing Arts Mission is to provide safe patient-centered care through compassion, empowerment, and innovation. If we haven’t seen you in a while, you need help getting back on track, you need additional help, or you know someone who would like to start a pathway to a healthier life, please come see us and share our information. Your success is our success. We recognize you have a choice and Thank You for choosing us on your journey!