Surgical Healing Arts Center ASF Certified

Surgical Healing Arts Center earns the “Gold Standard in Accreditation”

If you have thought about bariatric surgery in Southwest Florida, you will be pleased to learn that the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) has awarded accreditation to the region’s respected Surgical Healing Arts Center.  The AAAASF is considered to be the “Gold Standard” in terms of accreditation.

The AAAASF was founded in 1980 in order to create standards which would improve healthcare delivery in outpatient health care facilities. It’s a renowned organization and health care facilities which do earn accreditation deliver the best caliber of services to patients.

Dr. Moses Shieh’s respected and established surgical center offers an array of weight loss surgeries to patients, from Bariatric Procedures like Orbera Stomach Balloon, to Gastric Plications, Cosmetic, and General Surgeries. As well, Dr. Shieh’s team provides the ultimate in pre-op and post-op care. In addition to its core surgical services, Surgical Healing Arts offers a variety of complementary services, such as exercise programs and access to patient support groups.

Patient care and wellness are fundamentals at the Center, which is located at 6150 Diamond Centre Ct. #1300 in Fort Myers, Florida, USA. Since ongoing support is provided to patients, the journey to a slimmer and healthier you begins at this respected healing arts center.

When choosing this healthcare facility, patients have access in-house testing which reduces the amount of appointments that you will need to have. A personalized medical care expert is assigned to every patient, which assists in successful steps while making the journey towards surgery a pleasant and stress-free process.

When considering bariatric surgery, it is important to choose a surgical center with a strong and positive reputation, as well as AAAASF certification. Surgical Healing Arts Center is a place where patients receive care with great compassion and professionalism.  The Center employs a team of surgeons who have extensive experience performing successful bariatric surgery operations.  In addition to bariatric surgery, the center is a good place to access general surgery, such as hernia repair procedures and anti-reflux procedures.

Making the decision to access bariatric surgery may be the key to unlocking a healthier body and enjoying enhanced self-esteem. In our image-conscious world, being overweight may be a barrier to happiness. But, more importantly, being overweight may contribute to many long-term health risks. Bariatric surgery to lose weight is an important health care option and the Surgical Healing Arts Center offers a comprehensive solution for their patients. Some procedures, pre-op care and post-op care may be covered by health insurance plans. The center’s website features helpful information about insurance and payment options.

Visit the official Surgical Healing Arts Center website or call 239-344-9786. The website features valuable information about what the surgical center has to offer and how to book an appointment. Since this center is AAAASF-certified, you are assured that it offers the highest standards of care to its patients. Surgeons at the center are fully trained and experienced in all of the latest weight loss procedures, including the innovative Non-Surgical Orbera Weight Loss Balloon procedure.

If you want expertise, experience and caring support from a team of skilled professionals, you will find it at the Surgical Healing Arts Center. It is a great place to enhance your body, and life, for the better.

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